ABOUT: Thomas J Chee (TheReds)

Hello, my name is Thomas and I live in the coastal city of Gold Coast in the state of Queensland, Australia.

The Early Years

I'm a long time fan of The Sims going back to the early days of the original Game. But for many years I never played and during that time, The Sims 2 came and went without me.

As of late July 2014, I have reached my first year anniversary of playing The Sims 3, which isn't a long time compared to many. But I've enjoyed the concept of what the game has to offer and remember what it was that drew me in to love the original game.

Long Way From Home

Around November 2013 I began to write an Illustrated Story called LONG WAY FROM HOME. The Sims 3 game was used for all my screen shots.

The story was based upon the creative works of Gene Roddenberry who was the imaginative visionary who brought Star Trek™ to the world of Science Fiction Television.

My Illustrated Story was proving to be such a joy to author and explore my great passion for Sci-Fi that I went on to write and illustrate five Acts (Chapters) in total with hundreds of screenshots used.

Since then I've gone on to write a sequel, Long Way From Home II which is still in production today with a prologue and two Acts published so far.

Sims & Lots

In writing these stories, I've discovered two new passions with The Sims 3. They are of course, creating Sims and creating Lots.

My early influences for creating Sims comes from the likes of MartyP and Rubi's Sim World. Both offered Sims like I'd never seen before, thanks largely to their talent but also the HQ Mod which I'd never seen before.

Today, I probably make one new Sim every two to three weeks. Which isn't as much as my friends here on Babel Sims, but I try my best in my free time outside of working a full time career and also writing and planning two Illustrated Stories.

Creating Lots has also been a serious passion for me. Trying something new or exploring architectural possibilities is the same as creating Sims and writing and producing my stories. All of these creative projects leave me no time to play The Sims 3 game as much as I wish . But I do enjoy the avenues this game offers to present so many ways in designing and building something from the ground up.

Finding your creative side

So I welcome you personally to Babel Sims and hope that you will enjoy our collective talents that we share with you to inspire you as others have inspired us.

The Sims 3 is a wonderful game and community to be a part of. But it is what you put into it. For me, I hope you will prosper and grow in your passion for unearthing your own creative side. The game certainly lends itself to nurturing that in you.

Think of it like one giant Lego™ collection. There are many pieces to it, but they are just pieces rattling around, loose inside a box.

Take a chance on you. Open the box!



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